Two Popular GPS Tracking Devices Under $200

tracking key 2

Tracking Key II – Portable GPS Tracker

When it comes to GPS tracking devices, there are those that track in real time, which require a monthly subscription plan similar to a cellphone bill, and those that record the itinerary of a vehicle and are retrieved later and read via a personal computer.

These type do not require a subscription plan, but their tracking info is not available in real time, as stated above.The two devices we are going to examine are the most popular on the marketplace today, and they are both under $200.

Tracking Key II

The first one is the Tracking Key II, which has a 10-hour battery life and can be read from a PC or Mac computer. Its GPS is Google Maps and it uses online Flashback software. It also offers the extra option of cloud-based storage for an additional fee.

The device records all traveled routes, any stops, including their duration and reports addresses. It monitors speeds and comes with a sturdy magnetic mount and a 1-year warranty, which includes 24-hour tech support.

It is also water resistant, records up to 10 days and comes with a USB connector for your PC or MAC. However, its two 2 AA batteries are not included.

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Tracking Key Pro – H5100

H5100 TrackerThe next portable, GPS tracker, which is also extremely popular, is the H5100 by LandAirSea®.

The main difference in the two units is that the H5100’s battery llife is greater than the Tracking Key II. It can record up to 4 hours a day for up to 2 weeks on 2 AA batteries.

However, the H5100 is only compatible with a PC and will not work with a MAC. It also does not come with a magnetic mount, batteries – or USB connector. But, this device does have the capacity to be hardwired to a vehicle’s battery for continuous power using an optional hardware accessory.

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